Wednesday, January 03, 2007

AMiA Contemporary English 1662 BCP & Phos Hilarion

Kindly note:

1. The trial use AMiA contemporary English version of significant parts of the classic 1662 BCP, and called “The Green Book,” is available for those who wish to study it from St John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Philadelphia. Call 215 396 1970 ask for Patricia and she will tell you the cost per copy or in bulk if a church wishes to use it. This will not the final version of this work, but is what is being used in order to move to a final version. It is not intended to prevent the use of the classic 1662 BCP itself but as a way into this Common Prayer Tradition for those who are used only to “You” language for God. There will be a seminar on this “Green Book” at the AMiA Conference in Jacksonville on Thursday Jan 18. [Also I have a compressed pdf file of it which I am prepared to send to the serious-minded person who requests it.]

2. An excellent article by The Revd Dr Daniel McGrath on THE PHOS HILARON, the ancient Greek evening hymn, (and so badly translated in the 1979 ECUSA prayer book) is available [with other stimulating pieces] in THE MANDATE for January 2007 available at www.pbsusa,org for downloading and in printed version in 2 weeks time from the PBS office. This is the seventh in a series of articles on HYMNS written by my neighbor in Washington State, Fr Daniel, who is a musician and priest.

The wonderful FEAST of the EPIPHANY is close – rejoice as you keep it.

The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon MA., D.Phil (Oxford)

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