Sunday, September 28, 2008


Protestant Evangelicals and not a few Catholics have got used to seeking to pronounce the revealed NAME of God, Hebrew YHWH, by adding vowels so that it becomes YAHWEH One hears this usage in talks, sermons and prayers.

It is wholly against Jewish tradition and theology and also contrary to the historic way of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The present Pope/Vatican via one of the Vatican Offices has issued a Letter on this topic which is most useful for both Catholics and Protestants. It commends and explains the historic, classic Christian approach and I commend it to my friends.

Here is the link for the CDF directive 'on the name of God'

Roman Mass, latest approved translation ready for use soon:TAKE A LOOK

Roman Mass,

latest approved translation into English by USA RC bishops and approved by Vatican to be used in all USA R C Churches in a few month’s time

Some of us are glad to see this beginning of a major revision of the bad translation now in use in the R C Church in the English-speaking lands.

What I noticed noticed at once are the following (a) a more reverential language in contrast to the “street” language of the present rite; (b) a better rendering of the Gloria at the beginning of Mass; (c) “And with you spirit” for “also with you”; (d) “I believe” as the translation of Credo in the Creeds not the plural “we” as in the present text and (e) the “passing of the peace” publicly is “if appropriate” and not mandatory.

I shall do a fuller review when I have the strength! The whole Missal is not yet ready for publication in the USA for it is still being revised.

Peter Toon Trinity XIX 2008