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August 21, 2006 &

1. The new general website of the Society is: and The Mandate for Sept/Oct is now there. Preservation Press of the Prayer Book Society USA has two publications printed and ready to be published soon. Please read about them below. (In the UK they will be available from Edgeways Books --- )

2.The first can be purchased from September 1, 2006 and is a 64 page booklet with the title: The Anglican Formularies and Holy Scripture: Reformed Catholicism and Biblical Doctrine. This is an essay by Peter Toon on the relation of the three Formularies to Scripture and to each other as the Anglican Standard of Faith – worship, doctrine and discipline. Too many people know little of this dynamic and historical foundation, and thus study of this booklet will re-ignite interest in the identity of the Anglican Way in this time of Anglican self-searching. An excellent study book for discussion groups in the Fall! ($7.50 including post and packing for one copy from the secure web-site, ; but orders for multiple orders will receive a major discount – call 1-800-727-1928.)

3.The second can be purchased from mid-October: currently it is being shipped from England, where it has been printed and bound to high quality. It is THE HOMILIES, one of the primary books of the English Reformation in the sixteenth century. In fact it is two books of homilies bound together as one. These sermons were read by parish clergy in public worship in the parishes of England regularly; and it is believed that Shakespeare heard more of these read than sermons prepared by individual clergy. The two books are described in Article XXXV of The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and they may be described as instruction from the English Church on basic Christianity, in faith, morals and worship. This volume has been edited to a very high standard by Ian Robinson, an accomplished Cambridge University scholar and the author of multiple books on English literature and criticism.

[The new edition is xviii+436 pp large royal 8vo (= approx. in inches 6 x 9) and is well bound in green buckram. It will be available in mid-October 2006 for $45.00 per copy, with $5.00 postage added. Supply is limited. Think of buying one as a Christmas present for a Minister, a college or seminary student since it is a primary text for several disciplines – including English history, the origins of modern English prose, and Anglican theology. Please send a check to the Prayer Book Society (P O Box 35220, Philadlephia, PA 19128-0220) anytime to place an order; or buy it on line at when it is actually in stock and listed on-line there as available.]

In difficulty call 1-800-727-1928 or write

The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon MA., D.Phil (Oxford)

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