Sunday, June 09, 2002

Rector of Large Parish to Become AMiA CEO

AMiA (Anglican Mission in America) Communique

Tim Smith to Join Anglican Mission Staff Team

In our lead announcement today, and something you may have heard unofficially, The Rev. Tim Smith, Rector of Christ Anglican Church, Mobile, will be moving into the role of AMiA's Executive Officer sometime over the summer. Harry Griffith, who has served the Anglican Mission valiantly in this role for the last two years, will be returning to Florida to be closer to family and friends. Harry will continue in the vital Development area with AMiA, something he has begun to pursue intensively over the last couple
of months.

Rev. Smith said that this move represents a "God-ordered set of circumstances, that neither +Chuck nor I anticipated. Everybody has responded that it just seems right. It's a good fit". Dr. Smith (he holds a D.Min from Fuller Theological Seminary) began serving as rector of Christ Episcopal Church in 1992, leading that group into the
Anglican Mission last year. Lay leaders of the congregation said it's a stable time for the church, and a good time for Smith to pursue God's call in this opportunity. A search committee has been established to seek Christ Anglican Church's next rector.

As Chairman of AMiA, Bishop Chuck Murphy is pleased Tim Smith feels called to the work. "He has vast experience in administration, as well as spiritual leadership of a congregation. Like Harry, Tim's training as a lawyer will be invaluable to our movement, not to mention his broad understanding of our whole network, dating back to the First Promise meetings. I'm excited that God is working this out".

The Rev. Smith will be traveling to Rwanda in the next few weeks, with a possible relocation schedule to Pawley's Island, SC, sometime in August. Tim attended the University of Mississippi for his undergraduate and law degrees, Seabury-Western and Fuller Theological Seminaries.

Please take a few moments to welcome Tim aboard, as well as expressing your thanks to Harry Griffith for his tireless and invaluable efforts on behalf of AMiA the last couple of years.


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