Monday, March 04, 2002

G Kirk to F Griswold

F in F England to P B Griswold---- a necessary note but falling I expect on deaf ears

Dear Presiding Bishop,

I am attaching to this message copies of an email sent recently to Bishop Bennison and a letter sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Forward in Faith UK is amazed and horrified by the persecution in your Church of those who seek to remain faithful to it, asking merely the understanding and tolerance which in the Church of England is accorded freely and as a matter of course.

On Thursday next the Archbishop of Canterbury will be consecrating to the episcopate Fr Keith Newton, to serve as the second Bishop of Richborough and to provide Extended Episcopal Care in the Province of Canterbury. Between Fr Moyer and Fr Newton there is no discernible difference of opinion or doctrine, and yet the one is elevated to be a bishop in the Church of God and the other is inhibited from the exercise of priestly minstry in the parish to which he has been duly called.

We read frequently of your calls to inclusiveness and to gracious conversation. We appeal to you now, in this matter, to act upon you own admonition. Wage reconcilaition in the heart of the Church, for fear that if you do not the world may hear your words as empty rhetoric and mere cant.

With all good wishes,

Geoffrey Kirk,
National Secretary FiF/UK

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