Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roman Mass, latest approved translation ready for use soon:TAKE A LOOK

Roman Mass,

latest approved translation into English by USA RC bishops and approved by Vatican to be used in all USA R C Churches in a few month’s time

Some of us are glad to see this beginning of a major revision of the bad translation now in use in the R C Church in the English-speaking lands.

What I noticed noticed at once are the following (a) a more reverential language in contrast to the “street” language of the present rite; (b) a better rendering of the Gloria at the beginning of Mass; (c) “And with you spirit” for “also with you”; (d) “I believe” as the translation of Credo in the Creeds not the plural “we” as in the present text and (e) the “passing of the peace” publicly is “if appropriate” and not mandatory.

I shall do a fuller review when I have the strength! The whole Missal is not yet ready for publication in the USA for it is still being revised.

Peter Toon Trinity XIX 2008

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