Tuesday, March 04, 2008

CD in pdf of Lambeth Conference Reports, 1867-1998

I recognize that there is a split in the Anglican Constituency in the U.S.A. and Canada as to (a) whether "orthodox" bishops ought to go to Lambeth 08; and also (b) whether the Lambeth Conferences since 1867 have really served any useful purpose for the edification and strengthening of the Anglican Way worldwide.

Nevertheless, I am sure that some Anglicans are sufficiently interested in the Conferences, held every ten years or so since 1867, to want to read the Reports and Resolutions they generated.

Good News:

The Reports and Resolutions of all from 1867-1998 are available on a CD in PDF from www.anglicanmarketplace.com for $20.00 shipping and handling included. (In difficulty call 1-800-PBS-1928) Dr Peter Toon March 1, 2008

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