Monday, January 14, 2008

CD in PDF of all Lambeth Conferences to date

The Lambeth Conferences 1867 to 1998
Their Encyclical Letters, Reports and Resolutions

The Prayer Book Society of the USA has produced, as a lead-up to the Lambeth Conference of 2008, a CD in PDF containing the reports of all the Conferences to date. You need Adobe Reader to use it.

This is available for $20.00 including handling (PA residents need to add local sales tax).

Either send a check [USA dollars only please] to The Prayer Book Society, 100 E Avon Road, Parkside, PA 19015-3306, for immediate delivery,

Or go to and order with your credit card (it may be a few days before this product is available here)

We only have a limited supply and so please move quickly.

Dr Peter Toon, President, December 11, 2008

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