Friday, December 14, 2007

Brief Message from Peter Toon

ADVENT GREETINGS from the West Coast.

I spent Monday in the Emergency Room and Tuesday in the Hospital having a battery of tests. It was decided that I had had a minor stroke, and that it has affected primarily my speech. Thankfully my rational mind is as before without the ability of my speech to keep with it!

It seems that if I work hard for a few months, and if providence smiles upon my endeavors, that I can see a return of most of what I have lost.

So for the interim I shall stay quiet, listening and learning a lot I hope.

Please do not call me; but do offer a prayer for improvement for me and patience for my wife.



4 comments: said...

Dear Rev. Toon,

May the Lord continue to strengthen and restore your health so you may continue your work promoting the faith of the Jesus Christ.

Joseph said...

I will pray for you and of course, your wife. Blessings and peace.

Continuing Home said...

Dear Fr. Toon,

Our prayers will be with you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rev Toon, I am an occasional reader and am sorry to hear this. Don't give up! God be with you and bring you new closeness to Jesus during this time. We will look forward to hearing more from you as your recovery progresses.