Saturday, November 24, 2007

ACC/Primates Consultation following the New Orleans meeting of the TEC House of Bishops

The Archbishop of Canterbury has written (Nov 20) to Anglican Communion Primates and members of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) with a summary of their individual responses to the outcome of September House of Bishops meeting of the Episcopal Church (USA). He made it clear that he was not at this stage advancing his own interpretation of these responses. He will include his own reflections in his (annual) Advent Letter to the Primates in December.

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Comment from PT for what is it worth!

If I were the Archbishop having these responses on my desk, and seeking to ascertain the mind of the Communion of Churches, I think I would allow myself to think that a majority of the thirty-eight members of the Anglican Communion of Churches think that the American Episcopal Church has done enough to make it reasonably clear that it is on the right road—that is, it is seeking to abide by the terms of the Windsor Report and process. Thus I would suppose that there ought not to be any question of its place in the Anglican Family and the presence of its bishops at Lambeth 2008 (with the possible exception of Gene Robinson and those who were his consecrators). I would note that the only serious opposition to this position is that of the Global South Primates & Provinces so-called, and that they represent about one-third of the total number of Provinces.

So I think that I would go out of my way to speak to each of the Global-South Primates and urge him to come to the Lambeth Conference with his bishops, in order to ensure that there is truly a full expression of the variety of mindsets in the Communion expressed there.

In that these responses from provinces have strengthened the hand of the Archbishop of Canterbury and weakened that of the Global South in a political sense, Dr Williams has greater freedom than earlier to take right action for this crisis.. In charity, therefore, Dr Williams ought to dis-invite the consecrators of Robinson and urge the Global South to attend, and bring along their missionary bishops from the USA with them.

The point I make is that politically now Dr Williams can afford to be generous and, further, it is much more important for the Global South to be at Lambeth than the small group of American bishops (which are not more than 5% of the whole House) who “consecrated” Robinson.

I personally share much in terms of doctrine and devotion with the Global South; but I think that they are wrong to stay away from Lambeth 2008. However, if after going, they come to the conclusion that the present Anglican Communion is ICHABOD then they can then create a new form of global Anglicanism, into which they can receive the emerging new North American Province. But they must surely go the route of Lambeth 2008 truly to come to this conclusion.

The Revd Dr Peter Toon
President of the Prayer Book Society 2007


Anonymous said...

Dr Toon,

Williams could do little harm in attempting to convince the bishops to attend; however, his attempt would be futile.

The bishops who fought for the Communion to enforce the resolutions must feel betrayed at the invitations sent from Canterbury.

The strongest protest against the rebellion of the US Church in this matter, and the failure of the ABC to strongly censure it with the tools at his disposal - must be in counter action (such as the incursion on US soil by the Southern Cone to succour the orthodox churchmen) - the time for talking in this matter will have passed when Lambeth convenes and TEC is there in force; that battle will have been lost, but not the war. The Bishops who have promised to boycott the Conference are men of principle and dedication, and men of their word.


Mark of Kentucky
PBS Supporter
(Luke ix. 62, 2Peter ii. 22)

Joseph said...

To Dr. Toon,

Growing up in America I have been taught from the time of my youth that I am an individual, and it has had some negative effects on my participation in the life of the body of Christ. I am particularly interested to see how this turns out and how it is handled. I must also thank you for coming all the way up to Fairbanks and speaking. You have had more impact on me than you may realize.

-Joseph Nichols