Sunday, November 26, 2006

Respite from Toon until mid-December!

Toon E-Mail Machine closing down after THANKSGIVING for 3 weeks for Renewal and Overhaul

From Monday November 27 through to Sunday December 17, Peter Toon will not be sending out any e-mail tracts.

This is not because the Anglican Crisis of Identity is over, or that Episcopalians in the USA have repented of (a) their putting of the Anglican Formularies into the Archives or Trash in 1979 and then (b) treating the 1979 Book of Varied Services and Doctrines as a true Formulary (thereby rejecting the classic Formularies).

It is because he is taking a vacation and retreat to replenish his batteries, fill his mind with good ideas, and prepare for the continued struggle and high privilege of seeking with others to unite faithful Anglicans in North America in sound Anglican doctrine in order for them to enjoy and glorify God and to engage in his mission to the world.

He has not forgotten the advice of the Black Preacher in Mississippi who said to him in the 1980s when he was lecturing in Jackson: “I reads myself full, I thinks myself clear, I prays myself hot and then I does fire.” One can fire words in various ways from preaching through to DVD and e-mail. I try to use all these means.

May I urge you to visit to see what is on sale there from the Prayer Book Society of the USA. I would be honored if you would read either or both of my two recent essays/booklets on “Scripture and the Formularies” and on “Anglican Identity” and send me your thoughts afterwards.

A final word. In your generosity, at the end of the financial year, please consider sending a donation to The Prayer Book Society of the U.S.A, Box 35220, Philadelphia, PA 19128—0220. The phone is 610-490-0648. Thank you very much. The Society has been around since 1971 and exists by the kindness and prayers of faithful Anglicans in North America.



Continuing Home said...

Have a restful vacation and recharge those batteries.

We'll be waiting for your return.

Mike said...

I certainly hope you have found a great place to rest and recharge in this interesting time we are all living in.