Monday, October 16, 2006

Panel of Reference Report Available

The Archbishop of Canterbury's PANEL OF REFERENCE (POR) for the Anglican Communion report on the Diocese of New Westminster is now available at the following link on the Anglican Communion Website:

The entire report is here presented in 32 paragraphs with 4 recommendations.

The Panel of Reference is chaired by the Most Revd Peter Carnley and staffed through the Anglican Communion Office, London, by the Revd Canon Gregory Cameron. The panel first met in July 2005.

The functions of the Panel include :

[at the request of the Archbishop of Canterbury] "to enquire into, consider and report on situations drawn to my attention where there is serious dispute concerning the adequacy of schemes of delegated or extended episcopal oversight or other extraordinary arrangements which may be needed to provide for parishes which find it impossible in all conscience to accept the direct ministry of their own diocesan bishop or for dioceses in dispute with their provincial authorities;

With [his] consent to make recommendations to the Primates, dioceses and provincial and diocesan authorities concerned, and to report to [him] on their response;

At the request of any Primate to provide a facility for mediation and to assist in the implementation of any such scheme in his own province."

This is the best practically that the parishes in Vancouver BC could expect

The Revd Dr. Peter Toon M.A., D.Phil (Oxford)

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