Tuesday, January 11, 2005

God’s Calendar & Diary: A brief reflection

We all live in Space and exist through Time.

We move here and there as the clock ticks away. We look to the Calendar to tell us where we are in terms of the Time of the Year.

Then we keep a record in our daily Diary of where we have been in Space and what we have been doing in Time on each day.

The keeping of a Diary can be a major enterprise or it can be a minor one. If a major one, then to read it at a later time can be a most interesting experience for we shall be made aware not only of events and persons but also of our mental and emotional experience through those events and with those persons. How much more difficult would be the writing of history and biography if people had not written diaries and left them behind for others to peruse and read!

With the LORD our God, a thousand years is but a day and the expanse of the universe is but a tiny area.

The LORD, it may be said, has his own Calendar which sets forth the Creation of the cosmos, the development of the cosmos, the relations with mankind and his revealing and saving deeds of its behalf, the Incarnation of the Son, the expansion of his Church, and closes with the Judgment of the nations and peoples and the arrival of the “new heaven and earth”. Then the Calendar of Heaven takes over!

Also the LORD has his own “daily” Diary, a vast one – so vast that only an eternal and infinite mind can comprehend it – wherein He keeps a record of everything that occurs to all his creatures in anticipation of the reading of that Diary at the end of Space and Time when He judges the cosmos.

Wise human beings, sinful creatures desiring to be saved by grace, live as those who know that the LORD our God has his Calendar and keeps his Diary!

The Revd Dr Peter Toon January 11th, 2005.

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