Thursday, October 28, 2004

Super CD for Prayer Book Enthusiasts

The Book of Common Prayer: Five Commentaries

The Prayer Book Society is pleased to announce that it now has available a Compact Disc on which are copied no less than five important commentaries on The Book of Common Prayer. Three of these are on the classic English edition of 1662, still used in many English parishes, and two are on the American 1928 edition, also still used in many Episcopal and Anglican churches in the U.S.A.

Most people are able to use the Prayer Book for daily and Sunday worship without any difficulties, apart from perhaps the odd word here or there or the strange ending of a verb occasionally. For ordinary practical purposes they do not need a commentary to assist them.

However, not a few people who use this Liturgy, be they clergy or laity, like to know the origins of the services and prayers found in the Prayer Book. They also like to know their fuller meaning and purpose so that they can grow in knowledge and be able to share it with others. Further, they feel that the more they understand the better can they worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

The Commentaries on the BCP of 1662 are by Evan Daniel, Alfred Barry, and Charles Neil with J. M.Willoughby. Each of them is a major volume and so the three together (all from the period just World War I) provide a veritable feast of doctrinal, historical, liturgical, legal and devotional information and guidance. They have already educated and helped hundreds of thousands of people.

The Commentaries on the American BCP of 1928 are by Edward L. Parsons with Bayard H Jones (1937) and Massey H Shepherd Jr. (1950). Again these provide a further feast for the zealous and discriminating student.

At $20.00 post paid this CD must be the liturgical bargain of the year, even of the decade.

Send a check to the Prayer Book Society or visit and use your credit card there.

Please also note that the Prayer Book Society has other CD’s containing Anglican Classics, each at $12.50: Blunt, Annotated Book of Common Prayer; Hooker, Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity; More & Cross, Anglicanism. Also it has a large booklet, The Annotated Order for Holy Communion (1928), which has the text of the service on the one side and a commentary/notes on the other side of the page. This is $7.00, with a special price for bulk orders.

The Prayer Book Society, P O Box 35220, Philadelphia, PA 19128-0220.

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