Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Conference on the Anglican Way at Jackson MS

God willing, Dr Tarsitano & Dr Toon will conduct an all-day conference Saturday 23rd October and then preach and teach on the Sunday 24th at St Stephen's, Flowood, Jackson MS. (601 992 4317)

Here is what the flyer says

"Western Christianity is in moral and doctrinal turmoil, and the Anglican churches are no exception. The Anglican Way of being a Christian is in crisis, and this Conference will examine the causes of that crisis, the true nature of the historic Anglican witness, and the spiritual disciplines needed to survive and overcome the presenting problems of the day. More than a Conference just for Anglicans and Episcopalians, this study day is open to all our Christian friends, whether they desire a better understanding of the predicament of their Anglican neighbors or are seeking greater insight into their own situation as Christians living in this troubled world."
  • Begins with MP

  • Then two lectures followed
    by questions in the morning

  • Lunch

  • Then 2 more lectures followed by
    questions in the afternoon
  • Ends with EP.

  • Sunday 2 services each followed by S
    School period for questions and answers

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