Friday, August 20, 2004

Vote for honesty in Anglicanism


Please support the cause of honesty and truthfulness in Anglicanism.

Visit and make your vote count for the Anglican Way.

Click on the story on the right hand side of the main page "IRISH BCP"

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vote NO.

Why vote no?

The question you are asked is: Was the Church of Ireland right to call its 2004 Prayer Book by the name of "The Book of Common Prayer"?

The answer is truly NO because in shape and in content it is A BOOK OF ALTERNATIVE SERVICES with traditional and modern language services and much variety.

The BCP has always been since 1549 a Prayer Book containing only traditional language as well as providing only one rite for each public service. No choice of services, one only for each sacrament and morning and evening prayer, marriage and burial.

Thank you,

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The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.),

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