Sunday, July 21, 2002

New Face of Christianity in S E Asia

(from Malaysia/Singapore a picture of the way that Christianity is developing away from the traditional Churches and in league with aspect of modern western culture --- a cautionary tale perhaps! -PT)

Rise of new churches
by Ong Sor Fern

ON A stage in a cavernous auditorium in Suntec City, a seven-piece band complete with two female backup singers launches into an infectious drumbeat-driven melody.
A giant screen behind them projects the performers to those seated at the back of the hall.
One thousand people in the audience rise to their feet. Clapping, cheering and singalongs ensue.

No, this is not a pop concert. Rather, it is a church service at New Creation Church's The Rock Auditorium.
But the mood feels more like a celebration than a solemn service where the leader lectures from the pulpit.

Pastor Joshua Lee's sermon is peppered with personal anecdotes and self-deprecating jokes about his thinning hair which draw appreciative roars from the churchgoers.
One ardent churchgoer describes the service jokingly as 'standup Bible'.

To read the entire article from The Straits Times, CLICK HERE.

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